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Aluminum and Plastic Poster Frames at Wholesale Prices

Aluminum Snap Frames

VKF Renzel offers aluminum and plastic poster frames at wholesale prices. Our aluminum Snap Frames are front loading picture frames with hinged profiles. The sides of the frame flip open so you can change your insert quickly and easily without having to take your frame off of the wall. Snap Frames come in black or silver anodized finishes that resist rust and fading. They can be hung horizontally or vertically. They come in popular sizes including 8.5" x 11", 11" x 17", 18" x 24", 24" x 30", 24" x 36" and more. They are also available as Fire-Resistant Snap Frames that feature FR60-rated fire resistant covers.

LED Snap Frames

Make your sign the center of attention with our LED Snap Frames. A backlit display provides cool, consistent lighting to your signage. There are no bulbs to change. The front loading poster frame has hinged profiles that snap open in front, making sign changes fast and easy. LED Snap Frames are available in single and double-sided versions.

Snap Frame Sign Stands

Our floorstanding snap frame stands come in a variety of modern styles. The Snap Frame Display Rome and Infodisplay Curved are floor stands with snap frames mounted on top for easy sign changes, while the 3-Side Poster Frame Stand Eco is a three-sided sign stand with large snap frames and aluminum legs.

Frames for Doors and Windows

The aluminum Door Snap has snap-open profiles on two sides that clamp onto your sign, which is sandwiched between a clear PVC cover and a sturdy plastic backing. Adhesive strips on the back let you mount the Door Snap to doors or walls. They are perfect for offices, conference rooms and more. The Window Frame System has an aluminum snap frame for mounting on the inside of store windows and another frame for mounting on the outside. Your double-sided sign is inserted in the frame on the inside of the store, so one side of the sign is visible from the inside of the window and the other side is visible on the outside of the window. The window frame system is made from silver anodized aluminum and includes double-sided tape for mounting the frames on the glass.

Indoor and Outdoor Sidewalk Signs

Looking for displays that are easy to change and can be used indoors or outdoors? Our A-Board Sandwich Signs come in a variety of styles and have double-sided snap-open frames. They have sturdy backings and clear covers to help protect your signs from the elements and are available in either silver or black anodized aluminum. The Sidewalk Wind Sign features double-sided, spring-mounted snap frames and a portable base with wheels that can be weighed down with sand or water. Both the sidewalk wind sign and the aluminum a-boards can be used either indoors or outdoors and are easy to transport.

Aluminum Slide-In Poster Frames

In addition to snap frames, we have a full line of aluminum frames that let you slide your sign into a slot on the side of the frame. The Double-Side Aluminum Slide In Frame is a double-sided poster frame with adjustable plastic hooks. The Pump Topper is a great way to promote your gas station or convenience store at the pump. It is a double-sided aluminum frame with a slot in the side and a base with adhesive tape that is designed to be placed on top of gas pumps.

The 3-Tier Bulletin Sign Holder and Bulletin Sign Holder are aluminum sign stands with slots in the side for holding one or three double-sided signs. They are available in chrome or black finishes.

Plastic Slide-In Poster Frames

Our black plastic ComboFrames have slots on one side that let you slide your poster in. They are a stylish and economical way to frame your signs. ComboFrames are sold in packs of ten. They can be connected to one another, to store shelves, and to other fixtures by using our ComboFrame accessories and are virtually shatter proof.

Custom Sizes Available

Looking for a custom-sized poster frame? We can manufacture your Snap Frame at nearly any length. Contact us today!


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