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Sign Changes Made Easy

Slide-In Frames are poster frames with slots in the slide that let you easily slide your signs in and out. They are great for when you need to change or update your signs on a frequent basis. We offer slide-in frames made of plastic, aluminum and steel. 

Plastic ComboFrames

Our plastic ComboFrame poster frames come in several different sizes and are sold in packs of ten. They are economical, stylish and versatile. ComboFrames come in black. They have slots on the short side of the frame, letting you quickly and easily slide your art in and out. You can also find many accessories to customize and connect your ComboFrames, including clamps, connector clips, wire clips, ring clips, wall clips and magnetic clips. Optional PVC pockets are available to help protect your signs from dust, dirt and damage.

Aluminum Pump Toppers

The Pump Topper is an aluminum slide-in poster frame that's designed to be displayed on top of gas station pumps, counters or shelves. It lets you display double-sided signs and has a PVC pocket and weather stripping that protects your sign from the weather. Adhesive tape on the Pump Topper's base helps hold the frame in place.

Poster Stand Cheps and Poster Stand Maxis

Our Poster Stand Chep and Poster Stand Maxis are floorstanding sign holders. They have telescoping chrome poles that let you display your signs at a wide range of different heights. Change your signs quickly and easily by sliding them in and out of the plastic frame.

Bulletin Sign Holders

Bulletin Sign Holders are metal poster stands that are available in chrome or black. They have wide, sturdy bases and slots for either one or three double-sided signs.  

Making Your Signs Look Their Best

VKF Renzel has been a worldwide leader in retail display and point-of-purchase products for more than 40 years. Whether it’s traditional displays like poster hangers, aluminum snap frames, or floor or tabletop stands, or cutting-edge technology like troniTAG™ electronic price tags, we have the products, pricing and service to make your signs look their best.



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