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Retail Displays

VKF Renzel's product displays, including our EasyCubes, FlexiSlot Slatwall Tower, and Food Display, show your products at their best.


With the EasyCubes modular dislay system, three simple components (cubes, covers, and floors) give you thousands of ways to display your products. Connect the floor tiles and stack the cubes and covers on top. Each cube can support up to 150 pounds. The EasyCubes cubes are available in black and white, and the cubes and the covers can be customized with our custom printing options. With the patented EasyCubes system, designing and building your store or home display is as easy it should be. EasyCubes are sold as individual pieces or in a variety of sets.

FlexiSlot Slatwall Tower

FlexiSlot is the upscale plastic slatwall system developed by VKF Renzel. Discover the endless possibilities for product presentation by using the FlexiSlot tower to create your salesroom or product display stand and complete it with readily available slat wall accessories (sold separately.)

The FlexiSlot system consists of a double-sided slatwall framed by anodized silver aluminum and wide, sturdy feet. The slatwalls have equally spaced grooves that accommodate a wide range of hooks, shelves and other accessories. The exterior of the frame has the option of attaching a top sign or panels that can be hung on the side. The FlexiSlot Slatwall Tower comes in a variety of colors and measures 21.85” wide by 70.86” high.

Food Display

Our Food Display is a stylish, clear container made from PETG plastic that lets you show and protect your baked goods, grocery items or nonperishable products. It ships and stores flat, assembling easily with just a few quick clicks. The food display has an angled base and loads and closes from the back, protecting your goods from dirt, dust and sneezes.

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