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From hooks to hangers to sign grippers, we've got the shop display and signage accessories you need to get the job done.

Hanging Hooks, Adapters and Kits

Hang your signs quickly and easily with our hanging hooks. Drop Ceiling Clips are heavy duty ceiling hooks made from shatter resistant plastic. Simply place the ceiling hook over a ceiling tile separator and turn the hook clockwise to hook it onto the ceiling. The Magnet with Hook is a heavy duty magnetic hook made from shatter-resistant plastic and metal. They can be attached to metal ceilings, metal shelving, and other polished metalic surfaces and can support up to 22 pounds. Metal Ceiling Hooks have "C" shaped hooks on each end and come in a range of lengths.

The Hanging Kit with Adjustable Clamp and Steel Cable has a 78.75” long cable that is fed through a locking clamp. The cable has a hook on one end for hanging frames, signs or posters. The open end of the cable is fed through the top and bottom of the clamp and pulled through to the desired length, forming a loop that can be used for hanging your sign from hooks, wire, poles or other anchors.

We also have brackets and adapters for hanging your frames on the wall. The Wall Bracket for Slide-In Frames consists of an aluminum bracket and a screw for fixing onto the profile of our Slide-In Frame. The top of the bracket has a second hole for attaching the bracket and frame to the wall. The Hanging Adapter for Snap Frames lets you hang your Snap Frame from a hook, nail, screw, wire or other hanger. Simply slide the adapter between the frame's aluminum profile and the backer board. 

Suction Cups

Our Suction Cup with Metal Hook has a suction cup that attaches to most smooth surfaces and a metal hook for hanging your signs. They are sold in packs of 100 and have a 1.75" diameter. They are also available without the hook as the Suction Cup with Unslotted Screw.

Sign Grippers

Our rubber sign grippers draw attention to your sign holder by extending it from your shelf label holder. The Right Angle Sign Gripper adheres to the front of shelf label holders using the adhesive tape on its base. The front of the gripper holds your sign. The Shelf Talker Sign Gripper adds a built-in hinge that lets your sign bend slightly when touched. The Sign Gripper for Perforated Shelving can be attached to perforated Gondola shelving with the included dart clip. The Flush Sign Gripper holds signs flush and is ideal for large cards. The Flush Sign Gripper for Wire holds signs flush against basket displays or wire shelving and can be attached to 3/8” thick wire.

C-Channel Adapter

The C-Channel Adapter snaps into the C-channel of gondola shelving. Your sign attaches to the foam tape on the other end of the adapter.

Magnetic Sign Holders

Make your signs stand out with our Magnetic Sign Holders. They have a magnetic base that attaches to steel shelves, poles or uprights and adjustable hooks or rubber clamps for hanging your sign. The unique design lets you rotate the holder 90 degrees at the push of a button, giving you the choice of displaying your signs vertically or horizontally.


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