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Acrylic Slant Back Display w/ Business Card Holder

Product number: 60.0011.73
The Acrylic Slant Back Display with Business Card Holder is an angled acrylic sign holder with two pockets for business cards. The L-shaped base holds a standard 8.5” x 11” insert, and the two front pockets accommodate standard-sized business cards that can be stacked up to .75” deep. This clear sign holder is a great way to showcase your message and to hand out business cards for your customers to refer to.

The slant back sign holder is made from clear acrylic that can be easily maintained with a clean, soft cloth, soap and water, or non-abrasive cleaners. It has an angled front and a wide base for clearly displaying your sign. Frequent uses include auto dealers, front desks at healthcare facilities, museums, hotels, offices and banks, tabletops at restaurants and bars, and retail and grocery store displays. Your sign slides into the side of the holder, making sign changes fast and easy, and your insert won’t fall out if the sign holder is picked up or moved.

Custom Sizes Available

We can make the Acrylic Slant Back Display with Business Card Holders in custom sizes. Contact us!

Custom Printing Available

We can print your logo or other graphics on the Acrylic Slant Back Display, or print your insert for it. Contact us for custom printing options.
Material Acrylic
Material thickness 0.080" + 0.060"
Color Clear
Insert Size 11" x 8.5"
Orientation Landscape
Inner Width 3.875"
Tray height 1"
Filling Depth 0.75"


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