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Acrylic Tray for Glencairn Glasses

Product number: 79.0118.1
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The Acrylic Tray for Glencairn Glasses is a stylish accessory that caters to both retail displays and personal use. Crafted with precision to accommodate four Glencairn glasses, which are renowned for their distinctive shape ideal for whiskey tasting, this tray offers a tailored solution for those looking to showcase or enjoy their favorite spirits with sophistication.

For retail displays, the acrylic tray provides an organized and visually appealing presentation of Glencairn glasses. Its transparent and sleek design ensures that the glasses take center stage, allowing customers to appreciate the glasses’ elegant contours. The tray's capacity for four glasses offers a balanced and symmetrical arrangement, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the displayed glassware.

On a personal level, the acrylic tray becomes a valuable addition to any whiskey enthusiast's collection. Whether hosting a small gathering or an intimate whiskey tasting session, this tray provides a convenient and stylish way to serve and present Glencairn glasses. The transparent nature of acrylic allows the amber hues of the whiskey to shine through, adding an extra visual dimension to the overall drinking experience.

Whether for retail or personal use, the Glencairn glasses tray is an excellent choice for those seeking a refined presentation for their whiskey glasses.

Custom sizes available

We can make the Acrylic Tray for Glencairn Glasses in custom sizes. Contact us.

Custom printing available

We can print your logo or other graphics directly onto the Acrylic Tray for Glencairn Glasses. Contact us for custom printing options.
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