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Aluminum Banner Frame Wall System

  • Tolerance per Wall Bracket: + 1.378"
  • Tube diameter: 1.969"
  • Wall thickness: 0.098"
  • Tubing material: Aluminum
  • Pipe color: matt silver anodized
  • Connector material: ABS plastic (impact resistant) / Aluminum

Our Banner Frame Wall System lets you mount oversized banners to outdoor walls and swap them out at will. Aluminum tubing forms the frame, which is bolted to the wall with brackets. The banner is attached to the banner frame with bungie twist ties. To change the banner, detach the bungies and then attach a new banner. 

Banner Frame Wall Systems are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Mount multiple Banner Frames next to each other for a dramatic display. Banner Frame Wall Systems are made from high quality aluminum with an anodized silver finish that resists rust and fading. Banner not included.

Aluminum Banner Frame Wall System Pricing

Banner size Product number Price
120" x 40" (W x H) 15.0250.37  from $ 715.85
120" x 80" (W x H) 15.0250.38  from $ 853.37
160" x 120" (W x H) 15.0250.40  from $ 1095.08
160" x 80" (W x H) 15.0250.39  from $ 911.79
160" x 160" ( W X H) 15.0250.41  from $ 1233.00
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