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Members of Crown Point Fire & Rescue and the Crown Point Fire Department presented VKF Renzel USA Corp. with a certificate of appreciation for the assistance we provided them during the initial stages of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Helping Our Heroes


In March 2020, Crown Point Fire & Rescue approached us with a unique challenge. They wanted to be able to protect their EMT's from possible exposure to COVID while they provided emergency treatment to patients. Under the direction of Mark Baumgardner, Crown Point Fire and Rescue Assistant Fire Chief, we designed, prototyped and manufactured a clear plastic isolation box that fit over the head of their gurnees. The box had precision-cut holes for the paramedic's hands, allowing them to administer life-saving treatment while the isolation box seperated them from their patients.

After Crown Point Fire & Rescue successfully tested the isolation box in the field, we provided boxes at no cost to other Fire & Rescue departments in our community. We are proud and grateful to have joined so many other local businesses in supporting our first responders.

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