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Counter Sneeze Guard

Product number: 78.0005.4
UPC 812258035389

The Checkout and Counter Sneeze Guard is a safety screen that mounts easily to any type of countertop or desk. It is made from clear, flexible 0.040" thick PETG plastic that allows the sneeze guard to fit the edges of curved or straightedged counters and ship in a compact box. It includes adhesive tape for mounting to the top edges of the counter and is made in the U.S.A.

The Sneeze Guard is great for offering protection from sneezes and other potentially harmful interactions for employees who have contact with the public. It measures 33" x 30" with a 15" x 6" cutout and is ideal for cashiers, receptionists, check-in desks and more. The Counter Sneeze Guard ships with protective film on both sides to prevent scratches and damage during transportation. Please make sure to peel before use.

  • Material: PET-G
  • Material thickness: 0.040"
  • Width: 33"
  • Height: 30"
  • Depth: 6.5"
  • Version: 15" x 6" Pass Through

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