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Foldable Sneeze Guard

Product number: 79.0030.2
  • Material: PET-G
  • Material thickness: 0.080"
  • Width: 23.5"
  • Depth: 11.75"
  • Height: 15.75"
  • Version: With Hinged Profiles to Fold

The Foldable Sneeze Guard is a three-sided tabletop sneeze shield. It has hinges on the front sides that allows the sneeze guard to be folded flat. It can be easily transported, relocated, cleaned and sanitized. The clear PETG plastic and unique three-sided design helps to protect from sneezes, coughs and other potentially hazardous interactions. It measures 23.5” wide by 15.75” high and 11.75” deep.  The Foldable Sneeze Guard is great for students, conference tables, office desks and more.

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