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Folded PVC Sign Holder 90° Angle

The Folded PVC Sign Holder has a 90 degree bend and adhesive tape that adheres to the top of shelves. Your label slides into the front and is displayed flush to the shelf. The Folded PVC Sign Holder is sold in packs of 10.

Available in 3 standard sizes, this 90 degree PVC Sign Holder fits onto 1.5" high signs. This Sign Holder displays signs in a flush position. It is equipped with tape and displays your sign in a flush position.

Material PVC
Color non-glare
Height 1.5"
Number of bends 2
Version with adhesive tape
Angle 90°


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Pricing Length Product number Price  
12" 12" 26.0652.1 $ 20.09 view Article »
24" 24" 26.0652.2 $ 34.29 view Article »
36" 36" 26.0652.3 $ 48.50 view Article »
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