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Clip On Basket Label Holder

Product number: 78.0004.4
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The Clip On Basket Label Holder is a versatile and practical solution for labeling the contents of baskets and bins. This innovative accessory is specially crafted to accommodate wire, wicker and plastic baskets, plastic bins, cloth bins, boxes and more, offering a universal application for a wide range of storage containers. Whether you're organizing a pantry, office, classroom, or retail space, this clear plastic label holder proves to be an invaluable tool for organizing and presenting your merchandise or belongings.

With dimensions perfectly suited for common label sizes, the clip-on holder securely holds labels that measure 3.5 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height. This standard sizing ensures compatibility with commonly used labeling systems, making it convenient for users to integrate the holder seamlessly into their existing organization methods. The clip-on mechanism is designed for easy attachment, removal, or relocation, allowing for quick label updates or adjustments without any hassle. Simple slide your label into the side of the label holder, then clip it onto the storage container.

Whether you're labeling baskets in a retail display, categorizing items in a storage room, or organizing office supplies, these clip on basket labels streamline the process and enhances the overall efficiency of any space. Embracing both functionality and simplicity, the clip-on bin label stands as a practical and reliable solution for anyone seeking to improve the organization of their space with ease. They are sold in packs of 10.

Custom sizes available

We can make the Clip On Basket Label Holder in custom sizes. Contact us!

Custom printing available

We can print your logo or other graphics directly onto the Clip On Basket Label Holder. Contact us for custom printing options.
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