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troniTAG - The new way of labeling

Envisioned by VKF Renzel
Engineered by LG Innotek

VKF Renzel has partnered with LG Innotek, the premier electronics manufacturer, to introduce our troniTAG electronic shelf label (ESL).

Say goodbye to time consuming printing and changing tags by hand. With our troniTAG labels, product information and pricing can be updated almost instantly from a central workstation. The encrypted data link ensures secure transmission between the gateway and labels.

E-paper technology makes our screens crisp and highly legible. And power consumption is kept to a minimum, leading to an average battery life of over 5 years per tag. We offer a wide assortment of labels, up to a 10.2” screen size, and a wide selection of adapters, stands and rails to pair them with.

For more information, contact us or visit our tronitag website.

troniTAG - Cellphone
troniTAG - Strawberries
troniTAG - Shoes
troniTAG - Coffe Shelf
troniTAG - partner of LG Innotek


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