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Unico Base

The "Unico" sign base is designed to hold rigid signage in any thickness from 1/16" to 1-1/8". Order one base in a 12" - 24" width to serve as the base for a tall, narrow sign. For wider signs, consider using two or three bases in a 4" width to serve as sign feet. Floor sign holder "Unico" can help you create the perfect display out of corrugated plastic, foam board, or rigid PVC.

  • Height: 4.75”
  • Depth: 17”

Floor Sign Holder "Unico" firmly grips the bottom of your sign by way of the "star handle." A quick hand-turn tightens or loosens your sign for adjustment or replacement. Because this floor standing sign holder has no springs or hinged parts, it can be reused and will last for years. The "Unico" has a very small rubber edge running along the bottom where it hits the ground. This way, no matter how thick your sign is, the aluminum part will never touch or scratch your floor. The rubber strip doubles as a gripper to keep your sign from moving around easily.

Use this floor sign display to advertise the arrival of new products in-store, as a panel holder to direct visitors to special events in a convention center, or to showcase products at a trade show. Consider adding a brochure holder to encourage customer interest.

Unico Base Pricing

Poster width Product number Price
4" 50.0162.27  from $ 99.40
6" 50.0162.28  from $ 63.36
10" 50.0162.29  from $ 82.90
12" 50.0162.30  from $ 92.68
24" 50.0162.31  from $ 164.04
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