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EasyCubes | Floor


Three Components. Endless Possibilities.

Introducing EasyCubes®, the reusable, customizable, elegant way to display almost anything. The EasyCubes system allows you to design,
customize and then redesign your display to suit your ever-changing needs using only three elements: the floor, the cube and the cover.
Connect the floor pieces together, and then stack the cubes and the covers on top. The possibilities are endless. Creating your showroom is as simple as it should be.
One employee can change the lightweight but durable EasyCubes display in a matter of minutes.

The EasyCubes Floor

The EasyCubes Floor is made from high impact polystyrene. It measures 16” long by 16” wide by 2” tall and includes 2 connectors for attaching multiple floors to one another. EasyCubes Floor panels are available in black or white and can be topped with either EasyCubes cubes or covers. Includes one floor piece and two connectors.

We also offer EasyCubes ramps and corner pieces that snap onto the EasyCubes floor, cubes and covers in black or white, and a wide assortment of EasyCubes sets. Click here for our complete selection of EasyCubes displays!

Build Your Own Displays

The EasyCubes Configurator lets you design, build and purchase your own customized EasyCubes display. You can choose the colors of your cube and covers and place them in a 3D space, then add all of the components of your display directly to your cart!
Click here to use the EasyCubes Configurator.

Custom Printing Available

We can print your logo or other graphics on the
EasyCubes covers and cubes. The possibilities are endless!

Contact us for custom printing options.
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