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Poster Rail Hanging Systems for Hemmed Banners

Our hanging poster rail systems allow you to hang your hemmed banners with ease and style. Each option features both a top and bottom rail with durable plastic end caps. The top rail has adjustable hanging hooks. Each banner holder is made from high quality aluminum that resists rust and fading, keeping your advertisements looking fresh and professional.

A hanging banner system is ideal for trade show displays, retail stores, schools, banks, and more due to their versatility and durability. Due to their high-quality rust-resistant anodized aluminum, they are banner holders built to last. With a sleek and professional display, they are the perfect solution for any setting.

Hemmed Banner Displays for Every Setting

With a range of sizes accommodating banners from 24” to 84” wide, our poster rail hanging systems for hemmed banners can be hung and incorporated into any setting. Designed for ease of use and maximum impact, the Hemmed Banner Holder “BIG” can be used by inserting a rod or dowel into your banner’s hems, then sliding them into the top and bottom poster rails. For this banner rail system, a ¼” diameter rod or dowel is recommended for optimal fit and stability.

To change out banners quickly and easily with our Banner Hanger Rod, simply remove the end caps and hooks, slide the hem of your banner over the rails and replace the end caps and hooks. This poster rail hanger option fits hemmed banners up to 60” wide with a 1” hem or larger. 

Whether you are using the Hemmed Banner Holder "BIG"or the Banner Hanger Rod, the hanging process is quick and straightforward. You can easily change out your advertisements with updated messages, sales, and seasonal offers. By keeping poster content fresh, you maintain your audience’s interest and engagement. You can use our Metal Ceiling Hooks or Adjustable Hanging Kit for easy installation, making the hanging process a breeze. Trust in the durability, versatility, and sleek design of our poster rails to elevate your displays to new heights.

Our poster rails for hemmed banners are available in custom sizes as well as 18”, 22”, 24”, 36”, 48”,60”, 72” and 84” standard widths.
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