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Poster Rail "Hook"

The Poster Rail Hook System is a hanging poster rail made for hassle-free sign changes. It is designed with convenience in mind, making the process of updating content and sign changes easier and faster.

At the center of this hanging poster rail system is a durable aluminum rail which has a unique groove near the bottom. This groove helps accommodate our poster pockets, which feature a bend at the top that effortlessly “hooks” or slots into the groove on the rail. Due to the banner rail system’s simple yet innovative design, no tools or removal of endcaps is necessary – simply unhook and hook the poster pockets directly onto the rail for quick and easy sign changes.

This hanging poster rail system is ideal for retail and hospitality sectors. They can be used in shop windows, point of sale, and can also be used to display sales, prices and rotating offers in grocery stores, cafes, restaurants and much more. 

Advantages of the Poster Rail Hook System

Along with the ease and speed of sign changes, our Poster Rail Hook is very versatile. Various sizes are offered to accommodate a variety of poster sizes, pricing labels or signage. Multiple pockets can also be hung on the banner rail, depending on the length of the rail and the size of the poster pocket.

Our specially designed PVC Poster Pockets are designed to hook onto the Poster Rail Hook. Your sign slides into the pocket, which helps to protect it from dust, dirt, and damage. This allows your signage to remain looking fresh and updated at all times. To hang the poster rails, we offer Hanging Eyelets for hanging the Poster Rail Hooks and Metal Connectors for connecting multiple Poster Rails to one another.

The hanging rails utilize vertical space, allowing businesses to maximize their display area without taking up valuable floor space. By elevating the signs and pricing off the wall or other display surfaces, the visibility of the signs is more prominent and accessible, increasing customer engagement. The rails are built to last with their durable aluminum construction, withstanding frequent use, and minimizing the need for maintenance or replacement. 

For Those Hard to Reach Poster Rails

We also have a solution for hanging posters that are out of reach! The Grabbing Tool is 38" long with a rubberized grip and a clamp that can rotate 360 degrees. It makes it safer and easier to change out posters that are suspended out of reach. Just grip the poster, unhook it and change it, and hook it back onto the rail.

Our Poster Rail Hook System is offered in custom sizes as well as 20”, 48”, 59”, 72” and 96” inch lengths. Various sizes of Pockets are also offered.

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