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Poster Rail "Hook"


Sign changes just got a lot easier with our Poster Rail Hook poster hanger. It features an aluminum rail with a groove in the bottom that lets you hook our Poster Pockets onto them. The Poster Pockets have a bend at the top that slots into the Poster Rail Hook's groove, making sign changes fast and easy. There's no need for any hardware or removing end caps to slide the pockets out. Just hook and unhook the Poster Pocket directly onto the rail. 

Poster Pockets are sold separately and are available in multiple sizes. You can hang multiple pockets on one Poster Rail Hook, depending on the length of the pockets and the rail. We also offer Hanging Eyelets for hanging the Poster Rail Hooks and Metal Connectors for connecting multiple Poster Rails.

We also have a solution for hanging posters that are out of reach! The Grabbing Tool is 31" long with a rubberized grip and a clamp that can rotate 360 degrees. It makes it safer and easier to change out posters that are suspended out of reach. Just grip the poster, unhook it and change it, and hook it back onto the rail.

Material Aluminum
Color Silver Anodized
Width 0.7"
Height 1.375"





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