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Captivate your Audience with Your Retractable Banner Stand

Our retractable banners stands are portable, lightweight, and made from silver anodized aluminum. Roll up banners are an essential component at trade fair stands, sales campaigns or other special events. Not only are they highly effective for displaying what you are offering, but they are also a practical form of advertising with their easy handling, set-up and dismantling.

Once the banner is extended and set up, each roll up banner instantly grabs the attention of potential customers or visitors. This makes your advertisement visible in a quick and impressive manner. The Rollbanner “Simple” holds your banner securely in place using two reusable clamps. No tape is needed! The pole has an adjustable height from 40" to 90", and you can choose between a base width of either 31.5" or 39.37”. A carrying bag for transportation of the banner stand system is included, making it easier to move your display from one event to another.

In-between uses, the printed banner is protected inside the banner stand. There it remains secure until the next use. With the banner being safely protected in the retractable banner stand, the banners can stay looking fresh and always ready to present.

To ensure that the roll up display remains relevant, it is recommended to regularly update the banner content. While the display can be utilized continuously with the same print stored safely inside, occasional banner changes open new promotional avenues and ensure adaptability for various campaigns, exhibitions, and events. This versatility makes our Rollbanner “Simple” an indispensable piece of equipment for promoting discounts and integrating seamlessly into promotional strategies.

The easy handling and storage make these roll up banners very popular and ideal for trade fairs, events, salesrooms, hotels, or other establishments. Over time, retractable banners have evolved into very important tools to enhance brand visibility and to communicate information at the point of sale.

Banners are not included in the purchase of the banner stands but upon request, we can custom print your banner for the retractable banner stands.
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