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Using three simple components (floor platforms, cubes and covers,) EasyCubes gives you infinite possibilities for staging your store or your home.

EasyCubes: Blocks That Rock

Introducing EasyCubes®, the newest innovation in product displays from Renzel USA. 

Three simple parts give you thousands of ways to display nearly anything. EasyCube's floors, cubes and covers connect and stack together in minutes without requiring any tools. The cubes are five times lighter than wood but tough enough to hold up to 154 pounds each.

EasyCubes are available in black and white and are sold in single pieces or an assortment of sets. They make creating or updating your showroom or decorating your home as easy as it should be. And you can customize your display even further with our custom printing, giving you the option to add logos, textures, art and more to your cubes and covers. Contact us to learn more about our custom printing options.

Click here to see our complete line of EasyCube products. They are a stylish, fun and economical way to unleash your creativity and to show your products at their best!

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