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5 Ways to Display Your Outdoor Advertising

The weather’s warming up and your customers are out and about, so it’s a great time to think about outdoor advertising. VKF Renzel has a wide selection of outdoor sign stands and banner frames to showcase your advertising.

Our (1) Sidewalk Wind Sign and (2) A-Board Sandwich Sign are heavy duty metal sign holders with double-sided snap frames that make sign changes fast and easy. Just flip the frame open, insert your sign, and flip the frame closed again. The A-Board and the Sidewalk Wind Sign each have sturdy backings and clear covers to help to protect your pavement signs from the elements. The Sidewalk Wind Sign has a wheeled base that can be filled with sand or water, and the A-Board folds up for easy transportation. Either one is a great, sturdy solution for placing in front of stores and on sidewalks. 

Looking for an outdoor hanging sign holder? The (3) Aluminum Banner Frame Wall System lets you mount oversized banners to outdoor walls and swap them out at will. It features an aluminum frame that bolts to the wall. Your banner is attached to the  frame with bungie twist ties.

The (4) bannergear Wall System is another great way to display your outdoor banners. Your banner is attached to a wire cable inside of the aluminum frame using carabiner hooks. The banner is then stretched inside the frame using a crank that is attached to an access hole near the bottom of the frame. To change your banner, simply lower the banner using the crank, unhook the banner, attach the new one, and crank the new banner into place. Banners can be changed within minutes by a single individual, and if the bottom of the frame is within four feet of the ground, they can even be changed from ground level without using ladders or lifting equipment.

We also offer a way to display signs on the inside and outside of your window. The (5) Window Frame System has a flat poster frame that adheres to the outside of your window, and a snap open frame that attaches to the inside. With the frame lined up, you can place a double-sided sign in the inside frame and have it visible from the inside and the outside of your business. It’s a great solution to using tape of other messy approaches, and shows your signs inside of a frame that’s easy to change from inside your business.

Most of our outdoor sign holders are also available in custom sizes. So while the sun’s up and your signs are out, you can count on VKF Renzel for all of your outdoor advertising solutions! 

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