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Retail Management

From shopping baskets to sign holders, VKF Renzel is your retail display management and point of purchase specialist.

Shopping Cart Frames

Shopping Cart Frames are double-sided sign holders that attach to shopping carts. The Shopping Cart Frame can attach to the front of the cart of the back of the child seat and holds two 11" x 17" signs. The Shopping Cart XL attaches to the front of the cart. Your signs slide into both sides of the Shopping Cart XL, with a viewable area of 10 5/16" x 6 5/16".

Shopping Baskets

VKF Renzel's sturdy hand-held plastic Shopping Baskets are available in 5.25 and 7.40 gallon sizes. Each shopping basket has two durable black plastic handles. They are stackable and available in black, red, green or blue. The Metal Shopping Basket Stand makes it easy to organize and display your shopping baskets for your customers' convenience. Simply place a basket into the top of the stand and then stack the rest on top.

Food Display

The Food Display is a stylish, clear container that lets you show and protect your baked goods, grocery items or nonperishable products. It ships and stores flat, assembling easily with just a few quick clicks. The food display's angled base shows your product in its best light. The front of the display is closed, so your product is protected from dirt, dust and sneezes.

DeskWindo and FloorWindo

The DeskWindo and FloorWindo are excellent POP display accessories to reach out to your customers right at the checkout or point of sale. They are ultra-thin poster displays that lie flat on countertops, desks or floors. The DeskWindo and FloorWindo can be easily updated by lifting the cover and sliding your new sign in. They have scratch-resistant windows and anti-slip bottoms that do not require any messy adhesives.

B-Line Poster Display

The B-line Poster Display is a floor sign holder with a sleek and compact design. It can be placed against almost any shelving system or service counter and holds a 39.29" x 5.8" sign at an angle. 

Poster Rail Hook

The Poster Rail Hook features an aluminum rail with a channel in the bottom that lets you hook our Poster Pockets onto them. The Poster Pockets have a bend at the top that slots into the Poster Rail Hook's groove, making sign changes fast and easy. There's no need for any hardware or removing end caps to slide the pockets out. Just hook and unhook the Poster Pocket directly onto the rail. 

Poster Pockets are sold separately and are available in multiple sizes. You can hang multiple pockets on one Poster Rail Hook. We also offer Hanging Eyelets for hanging the Poster Rail Hooks and Metal Connectors for connecting multiple Poster Rails.

We also have a solution for hanging posters that are out of reach. The Grabbing Tool is 31" long with a rubberized grip and a clamp that can rotate 360 degrees. It makes it safer and easier to change out posters that are suspended out of reach.

Magnetic Sign Holders

Make your signs stand out with our Magnetic Sign Holders. They feature a magnetic base that attaches to steel shelves, poles or uprights and adjustable hooks or a clamping profile for holding your sign. The unique design lets you rotate the holder 90 degrees at the push of a button, giving you the choice of displaying your signs vertically or horizontally.

Shelf Divider Kit

The Shelf Divider Kit is a great way to organize your shelf space. Each kits contains ten 24” long shelf dividers and ten 12" long adhesive rails. The clear adhesive rails attach to the front and the back of the shelf, while the polycarbonate dividers snap onto the front rail and notch onto the back rail using the precut slots in the dividers. The dividers have vertical grooves in them that correspond to standard shelf depths. Simply snap off the appropriate section of the divider to fit the depth of the shelf.

FlexiSlot Slatwall Tower

Discover endless possibilities for product presentation with the FlexiSlot Slatwall Tower. The FlexiSlot system consists of a double-sided slatwall framed by anodized silver aluminum and wide, sturdy feet. The slatwalls have equally spaced grooves that accommodate a wide range of hooks, shelves and other accessories. The exterior of the frame offers the option of attaching a top sign or panels that can be hung on the side. The FlexiSlot Slatwall Tower comes in a variety of colors and measures 21.85” wide by 70.86” high.


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