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Retail Display Management and POP Accessories

From shopping baskets to sign holders, VKF Renzel is your specialist in retail display management and point of purchase solutions. All our products are proudly made and manufactured in the United States at our plant in Crown Point, Indiana. We also offer custom sizes if you can't find what you are looking for among our standard products. Contact one of sales representatives for more information

Console Tables

Our Construct Series Console Tables, also known as entryway tables, are an ideal solution for displaying a variety of merchandise, including clothes, kitchenware, small electronics, and more. They feature a black aluminum base, plastic accents, and a wide display table. The lightweight construction and wide base provide increased stability, while the aluminum and Dibond construction makes the tables resistant to scratches, stains, and spills. The sleek, metallic finish of the aluminum gives the console tables a contemporary and minimalist look, adding versatility to complement a wide range of decor styles, whether in a store, office, or home

A-Frame Shelves 

The Construct Series A-Frame shelf is a stylish product display with a black aluminum base and three plastic shelves. It provides both a functional and visually appealing design, featuring a triangular structure that offers stability and maximizes display space. The black aluminum frame adds a modern, industrial touch, making it suitable for a wide range of store interiors. It's robust construction ensures durability while remaining lightweight enough for easy repositioning and rearrangement within the retail space. The Shelves fit over both the front and back bars of the frame, providing ample space for showcasing products. They are also easy to clean, ensuring the display always looks fresh and inviting. 

Open Pedestal Stands

The Construct Series Open Pedestal Display is ideal for showcasing single items. It features a black aluminum base, plastic accents, and two sturdy Dibond® shelves. The lightweight yet sturdy construction of the pedestal stand makes it easy to move and rearrange. The sleek, metallic finish of the aluminum gives our pedestal displays a contemporary and minimalist look that can complement a wide range of decor styles, whether in a store, office, or home. It is resistant to scratches, stains, and spills. The Construct Series Open Pedestal Stand is easy to assemble with the included hardware.

Slatwall Panels

VKF Renzel’s Flexislot Slatwall Panels is a popular choice among businesses looking to create dynamic and organized slatwall displays that can be adapted to any changing environment. Measuring 24" x 24" and coming in five different colors, these slatwall displays optimize the use of your wall space and maximize visual impact. Their modular design allows for easy installation and customization. A key feature of slatwall panels is their compatibility with a wide range of slatwall accessories like hooks, bins, trays and hangers. They can be easily inserted into the slats to support different variations of merchandise and can be removed and rearranged just as easily. This kind of versatility allows for business’s to tailor their displays to suit specific products and promotions, helping to create visually appealing arrangements that attract customers and encourage sales. Whether used as standalone panels or integrated into larger slatwall systems, these panels offer a durable and attractive solution for organizing and presenting merchandise.

Shopping Cart Advertising Frames

Shopping Cart Frames are double-sided sign holders that attach to shopping carts. The Shopping Cart Sign Frame can attach to the front of the cart of the back of the child seat and holds two 11" x 17" signs. The Shopping Cart XL attaches to the front of the cart. Your signs slide into both sides of the Shopping Cart XL, with a viewable area of 10 5/16" x 6 5/16".

Grocery Baskets

VKF Renzel's sturdy hand-held plastic Shopping Baskets are available in 5.25 and 7.40 gallon sizes. Each shopping basket has two durable black plastic handles. They are stackable and available in black, red, green or blue. The Shopping Basket Stand makes it easy to organize and display your shopping baskets for your customers' convenience. Simply place a basket into the top of the stand and then stack the rest on top.

Food Display Case

The Acrylic Food Display is a stylish, clear container that lets you show and protect your baked goods, grocery items or nonperishable products. It ships and stores flat, assembling easily with just a few quick clicks. The food display's angled base shows your product in its best light. The front of the display is closed, so your product is protected from dirt, dust and sneezes.

Slatwall Towers

Discover endless possibilities for product presentation with the FlexiSlot Slatwall Tower Displays. The FlexiSlot system consists of a double-sided slatwall framed by anodized silver aluminum and wide, sturdy feet. The slatwalls have equally spaced grooves that accommodate a wide range of hooks, shelves and other accessories. The exterior of the frame offers the option of attaching a top sign or panels that can be hung on the side. The FlexiSlot Slatwall Tower comes in a variety of colors and measures 21.85” wide by 70.86” high.

Retail Shelving

With its sleek, modern design, black aluminum frame, plastic accents, and sturdy Dibond® shelves, the Construct Series Retail Shelving unit perfectly combines form and function. This retail display shelf is designed to maximize space utilization, enhance product visibility, and facilitate easy access for shoppers. It is easy to assemble and reposition, featuring five 15" x 15" scratch-resistant shelves, making it an ideal option for displaying clothing, electronics, collectibles, and other merchandise. It’s more than just a storage solution; it’s a strategic tool that helps shape the shopping experience.


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