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Replacement Covers

Replacement covers for snap frames are an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking to enhance the appearance of their displays while also protecting the inserts in their frames. These covers offer a practical, cost-effective solution that is suitable for both smaller and larger-scale advertising displays. 

Our replacement covers made of high-quality PETG plastic were specially developed for our aluminum snap frames.  In bright and low lighting conditions, they ensure optimum legibility of your posters. The anti-reflective surface of the film ensures this. They are clear plastic covers which protect your sign from dust and damage. The covers can also be written on with dry erase marker, letting you transform your snap frame into a dry erase board or a whiteboard.

Transforming Your Snap Frame into a Dry Erase Board

With the help of the coversheets you can transform any advertising poster, picture or information into a dry erase board. Their dual functions serve many different types of industries. Restaurants can promote their daily food and drink specials, happy hours or limited time menu items with changeable messages. Retail stores can highlight and update ongoing sales, promotions or discounts in real time. You can even use the replacement covers as a whiteboard surface for announcing upcoming events, workshops, or product launches.

Incorporating our clear plastic covers in your snap frames as a writeable surface offers a unique way to engage your audience. They also allow you to stay adaptable and up to date with relevant information. Try this innovative approach today with your coversheets and watch your marketing messages come to life on a snap frame dry erase board. By doing so, you can attract attention and boost your marketing and advertising efforts.

The replacement covers are available in a wide range of sizes and will fit perfectly to your individual requirements. You can replace your cover sheets easily and quickly without having to use any tools. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to concentrate on presenting your content. By adding replacement covers to your display management toolkit, you can ensure that your advertising always look fresh and aesthetically appealing.
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