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Fire Resistant Snap Frames

Fire-resistant snap frames are a crucial addition to environments where fire safety is of paramount concern. These specialized frames offer a high level of protection for important documents, emergency evacuation plans, and fire safety instructions, ensuring that critical information remains intact and accessible even in the event of a fire emergency.

The galvanized metal backing in these poster frames provides durability and stability, making them ideal for use in high-risk areas where fire hazards are present. The sides of the frame snap open in front, making it easy to install or change your sign. The frames are composed of anodized aluminum and are available in both standard and custom sizes with either a silver or a black finish. Pre-drilled holes and included mounting hardware allow for vertical or horizontal displays.

What sets these poster frames apart is their fire-resistant FR60 rated clear cover. This rating indicates that the cover can withstand exposure to fire for up to 60 minutes while maintaining its structural integrity. In a fire emergency, this extra time can be invaluable for individuals trying to access crucial information or follow emergency procedures. The clear cover allows for easy visibility of the contents, ensuring that important documents and instructions remain readable and accessible during a crisis.

These fire-resistant snap frames are especially valuable in settings like commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities, where compliance with fire safety regulations is mandatory. They offer a reliable and practical solution for keeping essential fire safety documents and emergency plans protected while still making them readily available to those who need them. The combination of durability, fire resistance, and ease of use makes these fire resistant frames an indispensable tool in your business or facility.
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