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Window Snap Frames

Window snap frames are a clever and practical solution for businesses looking to make the most of their storefronts. These frames are specially designed to attach to both sides of store windows, effectively transforming them into dynamic advertising spaces. An aluminum snap frame mounts to the inside of the window using adhesive tape. Snap the sides open to insert your double sided sign and protective non glare cover, then snap the frame closed. A flat frame mounts to the outside of the window, lining up with the frame on the other side. To change your sign, simply snap the frame open from the inside of the store, insert your art, and snap the frame closed again.

Businesses can use these window sign holders to showcase a wide range of materials, from posters and advertisements to menus, business hours, or event announcements. This flexibility makes them a popular choice for retail stores, restaurants, cafes, offices, libraries or any facility that wants to maximize the visibility of their messages to passersby. The frames come in three different sizes and have a silver anodized finish.

With their easy-to-use features, modern design and durability, window poster holders are a great way to convert window space into advertising space. Whether used for sales promotions, branding, or simply conveying essential information, window snap frames have proven themselves to be valuable assets for businesses looking to make their windows work harder for them.
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