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Snap Frame Hangers and Accessories

In addition to our wide range of snap frames, we also offer a variety of accessories. These accessories allow you to use your snap frames in various settings such as retail stores, offices, restaurants, and more. Our accessories play a significant role in enhancing the funtionality and effectiveness of your snap frames. 

Hanging Adapters

Hanging adapters are accessories that allow snap frames to be suspended from ceilings or walls. They offer your snap frames several advantages, making them a valuable addition to any display set up. The hanging hardware offers versatility and flexibility in how you display our snap frames. Using the adapter, you can hang your frames from the ceiling or mount them on the wall to meet your specific needs.

Another advantage offered by the hanging adapters is the optimization of space. Using the hangers for your frames, you can save valuable floor space. This is particularly useful in retail environments where every inch of space matters. By suspending your frames from the ceiling or on the wall, you can showcase your products or promotions without cluttering your floor space. 

Hanging your frames also creates an eye-catching display that draws attention from a distance. They can be strategically positioned to guide customers to particular areas of a store. They can also be used to highlight key products or promotions.

Snap frames are known for the ability of quick and easy content changes. Hanging adapters makes the process of changing content even easier. This is because the frames can be more easily accessed and updated without having to move or disassemble the entire display.

Acrylic Frame Support

Our Acrylic Frame Support adds another way to display our 8.5”x 11” snap frames.

Our Acrylic Frame Support acts as a base for holding the snap frame on flat surfaces, giving you the option of displaying the snap frame on shelves, countertops and tables. Use the acrylic frame support in either portrait or landscape formats to display prices, promotions, menus, product features, business hours and much more..

The use of the Acrylic Frame Support frame holder adds a modern look to your display, creating a positive image for your brand. The frame stand also displays your snap frame at a slight angle, adding even more eye appeal.
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