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Elevate Your Displays With Product Risers

Acrylic risers are designed to elevate products off flat surfaces, making them more noticeable to customers. By strategically placing products on display risers, retailers can create multi-tiered displays that draw attention and highlight specific items, such as featured products, new arrivals, or high-end merchandise. This technique not only makes the display more visually appealing but also helps in organizing products in a way that guides the customer's eye and encourages interaction.

Showcase Your Products

The use of plastic risers can significantly impact consumer perception and sales. Elevated products tend to stand out more, suggesting a sense of importance or premium quality. This visual differentiation can influence purchasing decisions, as customers are naturally drawn to items that are prominently displayed. Additionally, acrylic display risers can help maximize the use of vertical space within a store, allowing retailers to showcase more products in a limited area without creating a cluttered appearance.

Large Selection of Sizes and Styles

We carry a large selection of acrylic shelf risers. The Acrylic Pedestal is available in individual pieces and in sets. The Acrylic Pedestal Display w/Label Holder features a slot for a price label. The Clear Acrylic Corner Set includes a set of three corner risers, while the Acrylic Bin/Riser can either be used as a riser or as a bin.

Our acrylic display risers are Made in the USA, can include custom printing, and are available in custom and standard sizes.
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