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Aluminum Poster Frames

Our Aluminum Poster Frames are versatile and user-friendly display solutions, designed to showcase posters, pictures, schedules, menus, or other visual content. This slide-in frame is characterized by its innovative slide-in design, offering effortless sign updates and changes without having to remove the poster frame from the ceiling hangers or wall. Simply use the slot on the short side of the frame to change out the content.

Each frame is equipped with two adjustable transparent plastic hangers. These plastic hangers slide along the Aluminum Slide-In Poster Frame, offering flexibility in positioning and facilitate an easy hanging process. If you want to mount your display on the wall, we also offer Wall Brackets for Slide-In Frames.

Our poster frames are made of sturdy aluminum with an anodized silver finish that resists rust and fading. This keeps your frame looking sleek and modern, while also preserving the visual appeal of the displayed content. Our aluminum poster frames hold single or double-sided signs for maximum visibility

Quick & Easy Content Updates

Sleek & Modern Design

Durable & Versatile

Customization Options

Pump Toppers

Our gas station Pump Topper Frame is a great way to promote your advertisements at the pump and bring drive-up traffic into your store. Along with all the benefits and convenience of the Aluminum Poster Frame, the Pump Toppers also include adhesive tape on the bottom of the frame’s base to hold it securely in place.

Your sign, which slides easily into the side slot, is protected by a non-glare PVC plastic pocket and reusable weather stripping. The frame is double-sided and at eye level, which shows your advertising effectively on both sides of the pump.

Our selection of Aluminum Poster Frames is available in a variety of sizes and formats, making them adaptable to a diverse range of needs. They are ideal for businesses, retailers and other individuals who frequently update their promotional content or artwork. Should you want a frame that is more personlized, we also offer custom solutions such as individual frame sizes and custom sign printing for both our Slide-In Poster Frames and Pump Toppers.

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