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Compatible Accessories

In addition to a wide range of slide-in frames and plastic poster frames, we also offer a variety of accessories. From sign holders, magnet clips and hanging eyelets to clips for wall mounting, connecting, and hanging, we offer everything you need to adapt your plastic poster frames to your needs.

We have a wide range of accessories for the slide-in ComboFrame to offer versatile solutions for displaying and mounting your posters. These accessories will help enhance your plastic frame’s functionality and placement within your place of business.

Enhancing the Display of your Posters and Signage

The Sign Holder DK stands out, featuring a T-adapter and an extendable chrome pole. This allows for the attachment of any ComboFrame to wire bins or baskets, providing a dynamic and adjustable display solution. The chrome pole, with an extendable length between 12” and 24”, ensures adaptability to different environments and gives users the flexibility to customize their poster presentation.

The Magnetic Clip is another valuable accessory in this collection. It is designed to attach to any ComboFrame and allows posters to be attached to metal surfaces. This clip is versatile and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. It is virtually unbreakable and adds extra durability to its functionality when displaying your content.

For those wishing to hang their plastic poster frames, the Hanging Eyelets offer an excellent solution. These allow the frames to be hung by hooking or threading hangers through the eye of the clip. They can be easily attached to any ComboFrame size, making them a practical choice.

Wall Clips offer an alternative by allowing you to attach your plastic ComboFrame directly to the wall. This plastic frame accessory attaches seamlessly to the ComboFrame and can be fixed to the wall with screws. This feature, in combination with the slide-in frame, allows for easy content changes without removing the frame from the wall.

Our transparent Connector Clips offers a unique way to connect two ComboFrames together. These clips allow the plastic poster frames to be placed on top of or next to each other to create a cohesive and visually appealing display.  Multiple frames can be joined together for larger arrangements.

Wire Clip accessories are designed to attach the plastic poster ComboFrames to wire hangers, bins, or baskets. These clips are both functional and discreet allowing you to hang your presentation in a neat and professional way.

Our range of accessories for plastic poster frames enhances the functionality and presentation of plastic poster ComboFrames. They take into account different display preferences and environments. Whether you prefer wall mounts, hanging arrangements, or connecting multiple frames, these accessories offer practical and durable solutions.

The combination of materials such as chrome, polycarbonate, and clear plastic ensures both strength and visual appeal. That makes these accessories a must-have addition to any poster display.
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