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Poster Stands

In the world of advertising and promotion of information, a captivating presentation is crucial to attracting attention and communicating messages effectively. Poster Stands are a versatile tool that not only display your business’s messages and information but also add a touch of style and sophistication to your space.

Our poster stands have a slide-in function for easy exchanging of materials. With a slot on the short side, you can regularly change your content. These poster stands are ideal for businesses with constantly changing messages, deals, promotions, and prices.  

A benefit to poster stands is their mobility and easy placement. The stands can be used wherever you want to advertise and inform. Quick set-up and high stability are not only suitable for long-term use but also for spontaneous, short-term applications as well.

We have a diverse array of poster stands available to display your message. Whether you are looking for a light yet durable plastic poster frame or a poster stand made entirely of metal, we have what you are looking for. In our selection, we also offer a range of different colors and multi-tier options to add to your business’s aesthetic appeal.  

Telescopic Sign Frames: Reaching New Heights in Promotion

An outstanding feature of modern slide-in poster stands is the integration of telescopic poles. These innovative stands allow users to adjust the height of the displayed content to be visible in different environments.

Whether at a busy trade show, in a crowded lobby, store or outdoor event, telescopic poles allow you to customize your display to suit your business’s environment. The sign’s modern design, adaptability, and user-friendly features make it perfect for retail stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, museums, hotels and more.

We offer Telescopic Poster Stands such as our Poster Stand “Maxi” and Telescopic Sign Frame. Both are versatile and convenient solutions for displaying your signs, advertisements, and messages. The poles can extend anywhere between 41”-75” and 40”-63” and are also offered with different poster frame sizes. This allows your messages to be delivered with maximum impact, regardless of the environment.

Bulletin Sign Holders: Displaying Information in Style

Our Bulletin Sign Holders are metal stands with top slotted frames for easy and practical poster displays. Bulletin sign holders with a single tier offer a streamlined and focused display for a singular message or promotion.

For those with a multitude of messages to convey, the 3 Tier Bulletin Poster Stand is an ideal solution. This type of poster stand provides ample space to display multiple posters or announcements in a neat and organized manner. The multi-level structure allows for a clear hierarchy of information, making it easier for your viewers to navigate and absorb the content.

The single-tier and multi-tiered black and chrome designs also adds a visual appeal to the poster stand, creating an attractive eye-catching display. The two color options allow you to align the poster stand with your brand identity or overall theme of your business, trade show, or event.

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