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What is a Snap Frame?

Snap Frames, also called click frames and snap open frames, are aluminum poster frames with spring-loaded sides. The springs enable the sides of the snap frame to be flipped open and closed. Instead of having to load your sign or photo from the back of the frame, like with traditional frames, snap frames let you insert your art through the front of the frame. Just flip the sides open, insert your art, and then flip the frame closed again. You can change your art without having to remove the poster frame once it has been mounted. Sign changes are fast and easy!

Snap Frames are a great way to display signs, posters, movie posters, children's art, photos and more. They are made of anodized aluminum that resists rust and fading. They can be mounted to a wall with the included mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes. Snap Frames can also be incorporated into sign stands or other sign holders. Your art is protected by a clear cover and a sturdy backing.

Multiple Sizes
and Styles

VKF Renzel has been manufacturing and distributing front-loading snap frames for over 30 years. We offer click frames in the most popular standard sizes, including 8.5" x 11", 11" x 17" and  24" x 30". We also manufacture snap picture frames in custom sizes. You can design, price and order your own snap frame online with our easy-to-use custom snap frame ordering form.

In addition to our full line of wall-mounted snap frames, we also offer window and door mounted snap frames and snap frame sign stands.

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