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Acrylic Clear Sign Holders

Our acrylic document holders include tabletop sign holders, brochure holders, wall mount poster pockets and hanging poster pockets. 

L-Display Sign Holders

Our acrylic L-Displays are clear sign holders for displaying your sign on a table or countertop. They have wide bases and angled fronts that show your signs at an angle. Your sign slides into the side of the Acrylic L Display, while the L Display Poster Snap adds a snap-open profile at the top which clamps onto your sign.

T-Shaped Menu Card Holder

Clear sign holders are a great way to display your menus on tables and countertops. The T-Shaped Menu Card Holder is an acrylic menu holder with a wide base and a U-shaped bend at the top, letting you slide your menu into the side or the bottom of the sign holder.

Hanging Poster Pockets

We have a wide assortment of poster pockets that have adhesive strips, holes, hooks and suction cups for hanging. The Acrylic U-Pocket has adhesive strips for mounting the poster pocket to smooth surfaces. The Acrylic Poster Pocket has two holes in the top of the pocket for hanging it from walls, celings, windows and displays. The Hanging Acrylic Poster Pocket includes a heavy-duty hook, while the Acrylic Poster Display with Suction Cups gives you another way to hang your sign.

Brochure Holders

Organize and display your brochures and pamphlets with our countertop brochure holder. Our Brochure Holder is made from clear acrylic and features a curved design. It has a 3.875" wide by 1.25" deep slot to hold your standard-sized brochures and pamphlets. 

Custom sizes available

 Many of our acrylic retail displays and document holders are available in custom sizes. Contact us for more information.

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