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Shelf Label Holders, Dividers and Liners

A clean and well-organized shelf is key to drawing customers' attention. With VKF Renzel's Shelf Label Holders, Shelf Liners and Shelf Dividers, it's easy to add eye appeal to your product presentation.

Shelf Label Holders

Our label holders for shelves come in a variety of mounting options. Use C-Channel Shelf Label Holders to clip onto shelving with standard C channels and adhesive shelf edge holders like the Shelf Label Holder DBR to adhere to flat front shelving. The Cooler Label Holder FRG attaches to double wire shelving found in most standard coolers and freezers, while the Shelf Label Holder MEW snaps onto most standard wire shelving and has grooves in it that lets you display your tags at three different viewing angles. The Shelf Label Holder GLS attaches to glass or wooden shelving, the Shelf Label Holder ANT attaches to wood shelves, and the Shelf Label Holder WLK has a flexible hinge on top.  

Shelf Dividers

Keep your shelves organized with the Shelf Divider Kit. Each kit contains ten shelf dividers and ten adhesive rails. The rails attach to the front and back of the shelf, while the dividers attach to the rails and have vertical grooves in them that correspond to standard shelf depths. Just snap off the appropriate section of the divider to match the depth of the shelf.

Shelf Liners

Protect your wire shelves with our Liner for Wire Shelving. They are made of clear, scratch resistant PVC plastic and are the perfect solution to anyone looking for non adhesive shelf liners. Just unroll and place directly over your wire shelving.

Custom Sizes Available

Looking for a custom-sized label holder for shelves? Contact us!

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