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PVC and PETG Clear Sign Holders

Our PVC and PETG plastic sign displays include tabletop sign holders, wall mount poster pockets, hanging poster pockets, brochure holders, shelf label holders and more. They show your signs, items, labels and menus clearly while offering protection from dust and damage. 

Curved Sign Holders

Curved Sign Holders are a stylish way to display your signs. The Concave Poster Display is a PETG plastic sign holder with a curved front and a compact profile. Your art slides into the top or bottom of the sign holder. The Triple Countertop Sign Holder is a clear plastic sign display that holds three signs, posters or photos. The curved sides show off your signs in a sleek, compact design, and the PVC plastic protects them from dust and damage. The Convex Angled Sign Holder provides a 3-D appearance to your announcements and messages with a curved front that bows outward. The Slantback Ship Flat Sign Holder is a clear pocket with a plastic strip in the back that slots into the foot of the sign stand. It ships and stores flat. Your sign is shown at a slight angled curve for maximum visibility.

Menu Holders

Clear sign holders are a great way to display your menus on tables and countertops. The Bottom Load Sign Holder is designed to display two signs back-to-back or one double-sided sign. The menus are secured in the holder by a separate piece that slides over the base.

Angled Sign Holders

Angled Sign Holders have stylish designs that show your sign at an angle. The PVC Slant Back Sign Holder, the Angled PVC Sign Holder and the Slant Back PVC Sign Holder display individual signs on tabletops and other flat surfaces at a comfortable reading angle.

PVC Tent Displays

PVC Tent displays are double-sided folded sign holders for displaying signs on both sides. The PVC Tent Display is a standard folded sign holder, while the PVC Sign Base for Single Inserts and the PVC Sign Base for Three Inserts let you insert additional signs.

Wallmount Poster Pockets

Wallmount Poster Pockets have adhesive strips that let you mount them to smooth surfaces. The Self-Adhesive Poster Pocket is a clear plastic sign display made from PVC. The clear PVC helps to protect your sign from dust and damage and can be easily wiped clean. 

Hanging Poster Pockets

Poster pockets that have holes make it easy to hang your signs. The PVC Poster Display with Holes have two holes in the top of the pocket for hanging them from walls, ceilings, windows and displays. Waterproof Poster Pockets are a great solution for displaying your signs outdoors. They are heavy duty clear plastic sign displays made of thick PVC plastic with a resealable strip at the bottom and two holes for hanging at the top.  

Gecko Pocket Window Cling

The Gecko Pocket is the perfect replacement for static stickers and adhesive window clings. Using micro suction cups, the double-sided Gecko Pocket adheres to any smooth, non-porous surface. No adhesive or tape is needed. To apply, simply slide your sign into the pocket, remove the protective sheet, and press onto any clean, smooth surface.

Flush Sign Holder

The Flush Sign Holder is a poster pocket that can be used with our ComboFrame poster frames. Slide your sign into the Flush Sign Holder, and then slide the pocket into the frame.

Case Stacker

The Case Stacker is a poster pocket with a bend at the top that enables signs and price tags to be hung over the front edge of cardboard boxes or hooked over wire. No additional hardware, such as clips or tape, is required.

Sign Protector with Magnetic Tape

The Sign Holder with Magnetic Tape is a PVC plastic pocket with two magnetic strips on the back for attaching to metal displays, cabinets or refrigerators. Your sign or photo slides into the non-glare pocket.

Poster Pocket for Poster Rail Hook

Made from scratch resistant PVC plastic, the Poster Pocket for Poster Rail Hook has a curved lip at the top of the pocket which hooks into the groove on our Poster Rail Hook. Sign changes are fast and easy. Just unhook the pocket from the groove on the Poster Rail Hook, slide your new sign into the pocket, and hook it back onto the rail. No tools are needed. Multiple pockets can be hung on a rail, depending on the length of the rail and the poster pocket.

Poster Pockets for Store Shelves

VKF Renzel has a range of options for displaying your sign on the shelf. The Center Mount Shelf Sign Cover has adhesive tape on the center fold that can be mounted to most shelving. Your sign slides into either side of the front pocket and is centered on the shelf. The Price Card Holder with Holes is a label holder with 2 pre-punched openings for attaching to perforated shelves. The Folded Shelf Sign Cover and Folded PVC Sign Holder 90° Angle have right angle folds and adhesive strips for attaching to the top of shelves. 

The C-Channel Sign Holder is a shelf talker that can be mounted at two different levels on the shelf: either below the shelf line or at the center shelf level. The Triple Mount PVC Sign Cover is a versatile sign holder that can be attached to the shelf in three different ways. It can be clipped onto existing shelf channels, shelf label holders, or our WLK Banner Scanner Profile. The Dual Mount Shelf Sign Holder can clip onto existing shelf label holders, shelf channels, or price rails. The Folded PVC Sign Holder with Clips is designed to be used for wire baskets, shelving and displays. It has two holes and sturdy 2” hanging clips for hanging your sign.

Clip-On Sign Holders

Clip-On Sign Holders have steel clips for attaching to store shelving and panels. The Sign Holder for Vertical Panels has two metal clamps for clipping the poster pocket onto vertical panels between 1/4" and 3/8" thick, while the Sign Holder for Horizontal Panels clips onto horizontal panels and shelving. The C-Channel Shelf Label Holder with Clip has a metal clip on back of the poster pocket that snaps into the C-channel of gondola shelving.

Shovel Base Sign Holder

The Shovel Base Sign Holder is a non-glare PVC sign holder designed to be used with stacked items. It slides under the merchandise and has a deep base to hold itself in place. Your sign slides into the front.

Brochure Holders

Organize and display your brochures, pamphlets and flyers with our hanging and freestanding brochure holders. The PVC Brochure Holder for Vertical Panels and the PVC Brochure Holder for Horizontal Panels have deep designs for holding more literature and steel spring clips for attaching to shelving and panels, while the Adhesive Hanging Brochure Holder has adhesive strips for attaching to the tops of shelves. The Flat Fold Brochure HolderTrifold Brochure Holder and Letterhead Brochure Holder are countertop brochure and flyer holders that ship flat and click together for easy assembly. 

Business Card Holder

Our Business Card Holder ships flat and assembles easily. Just click the sides together. It is made from high quality PETG plastic.

PETG Replacement Covers

Our PETG Covers are a great value if you're looking to replace the covers on your aluminum snap frames or sign stands. They are clear plastic covers which protect your sign from dust and damage. They can also be written on with dry erase marker, letting you transform your snap frame into a dry erase board or a whiteboard.

Custom sizes available

Many of our clear sign holders are available in custom sizes. Contact us for more information.

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